Complete Hosted Telephony Service Provider


Complete Hosted Telephony Service Provider

iVox’s Complete Hosted Telephony Solution is a suite of white label / wholesale services that enable you to become a fully-fledged telephony service provider. This solution provides access to our entire range of telephony services , hosted portals, and associated products.  It is designed for service providers who wish to get to market with minimal time or capital outlay. 

The services available as part of the Complete Hosted Telephony Solution include VOIP Telephone Services, SIP Trunks, Hosted IP PBX Services, Broadband Services , Landline Rebill (PSTN) services, Mobile Rebill Services (MVNO), IPND / White Pages Management Portal (iNumb), supply of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) , and our extensive Web Based Billing platform.

If you are not looking for the whole solution, iVox can still cater for your needs.  We can supply our services individually meaning you can pick and choose any number of our services that best suit your requirements.


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